American Sign Museum

Funding Received: 2013
Cincinnati, OH
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
April 8, 2014

The above photo features Spun, a local business that has been receiving additional media attention since receiving a sign

As we look to launch CoSign in Covington at the end of the month, we are discussing how to revise our materials to reach a new population. In the past, our materials have been very Cincinnati-centric. This has challenged us to ask the following questions: What adjustments should we make to our materials to embrace other neighborhoods? What pieces of the process are central to the CoSign brand and what elements of it can a neighborhood adapt to be relevant to them?

Recent Wins
-- CoSign has built a partnership with Renaissance Covington to assist us with getting the word out to local businesses. The board of Renaissance Covington will help CoSign canvass the neighborhood to make local businesses aware of the CoSign program.

-- The City of Covington is initiating an awards program for local businesses, the same businesses that will participate in the CoSign process. CoSign actively partners with communities that support their business districts. Read more here.

-- Spun, one of the businesses that received a sign in the second round of CoSign, was highlighted by a local news station. We are thrilled they are receiving additional media attention since the CoSign processs.

We are hoping to replicate CoSign nationally. Some of the questions, on which we are reflecting are:
-- What is the best way to show communities that signage is important? We have lots of anecdotal stories and information from business owners, but what are ways we can make our case for signage with quantitative data?

-- What are the best ways to identify neighborhoods and communities for replication? What are the best ways to guide new communities through the process? How can the American Sign Museum best support new communities?