Broad Avenue Water Tower Pavilion

Binghampton Development Corporation/Historic Broad Avenue Art Alliance

Funding Received: 2013
Memphis, TN
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
November 21, 2013

November 8th was Broad Avenue Arts District biannual Broad Avenue Art Walk. This event featured over 70 local artists, live music, food trucks and general fun on Broad Avenue. The businesses opened late and the whole street was packed with people enjoying the arts. For some this is one of only times they visit Broad Avenue all year. The planning committee really focused on activating the whole street; about 5 blocks of activities, arts, dance and music. The Art Walk creates opportunities for local artists and Broad businesses to engage with the public in a different way; shopping, mingling, entertainment and more.

Recent Wins
The Broad Avenue Art Walk brought over 2000 people this year! The Art Walk also created a lot of positive media around programming on Broad Avenue and the future placemaking activities on the street. Press is important because of lot of people in the Mid-South still are unaware of the amazing things happening on Broad Avenue.

The Broad Avenue Art Walk also featured two new businesses opening on Broad Avenue.  These retail businesses bring more life to our storefronts and are great new neighbors.

This Art Walk is the last big event on Broad Avenue before the loading dock is transformed into the Water Tower Depot. It is bittersweet and exciting to say goodbye to our beloved and begrudged loading dock. The loading dock is hard to get to and disconnected from the street but has still been a great location of music, dance and art events. As planning and construction begins on the Water Tower Depot the possibilities abound. Broad Avenue will finally have true activation on both sides of the street and a community space for gathering and performance. Stay tuned!