The Ballot Box Project

Northeast Shores Development Corporation

Funding Received: 2015
Cleveland, OH
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
December 14, 2016

Fourteen year old Francis lives and works in the neighborhood. He also trains for long distance bike riding. Thanks to The Ballot Project, and Cindy Barber’s Rickshaws on Waterloo, he had a summer job and continues to drive the rickshaws indefinitely.

Francis interviewed the various merchants in the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District. This provided him with stories to share with visitors that come to the monthly Walk All Over Waterloo or other events on the street. This opportunity has allowed Francis to not only have a part time job, but have the opportunity to create a business plan for Rickshaws on Waterloo. Since he can’t drive for a fare, it is important that he is a master storyteller to get tips for the service. This is a project Francis is very excited to be a part of and is looking forward to driving the rickshaws next year.