The Ballot Box Project

Northeast Shores Development Corporation

Funding Received: 2015
Cleveland, OH
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
February 15, 2016

Here are the projects that the Collinwood neighborhood will be voting on from March 4-9. Each ballot is allowed up to five votes. Anyone who is 14 years or older and lives or works in Ward 8 is invited to cast a vote on this ballot.

Collinwood History

  • Artist: Ali Lukacsy      Budget: $15000             Title: Collinwood Canvas             Project Description: Neighborhood history is displayed in large photos on vacant lots
  • Artist: Loren Naji        Budget: $15000             Title: Artified: Collinwood             Project Description: Neighborhood and visitors will vote on a $10,000 prize for best public sculpture on display, alongside historic images and facts, at various businesses in North Collinwood.
  • Artist: Jeanne Coppola      Budget: $388         Title: Frog Town Poster                Project Description: Coloring contest at Library to remind residents of history of being called Frogsville
  • Artist: Stephen Bivens     Budget: $15000       Title: This is Collinwood: History in Everyday People        Project Description: Residents, families and businesses will be photographed
  • Artist: Maura Rogers       Budget: $13500        Title: Oral History              Project Description: One-on-one oral histories will be captured and documented in book
  • Artist: Benjamin Smith    Budget: $15000         Title: Riff Mechanics          Project Description: Ice cream truck with recording equipment will be driven around to chronicle events and special occasions
  • Artist: Laila Voss           Budget: $13850          Title: History Garden        Project Description: community garden built from historical artifacts and items donated by residents
  • Artist: Lauren Sammon      Budget: $14855      Title: Collinwood Sculptures       Project Description: Community members and artists create small sculptures that capture neighborhood history
  • Artist: Timothy Cornett       Budget: $15000       Title: Podcast: Railways          Project Description: Current and past residents will share the oral history of Collinwood

Healthy Eating

  • Artist: Linda Zolten Wood       Budget: $15000          Title: Operation: Vegetables       Project Description: Giant Board Game of Yummy Health (designed for kids   K-6 Grade)
  • Artist: Lori Kella         Budget: $15000       Title: Farm to Table      Project Description: Connect Community Gardens through photography and publishing a cookbook
  • Artist: Kevin Scheuring         Budget: $9400         Title: Food Show & Cooking Classes        Project Description: Three food shows and four cooking classes


  • Artist: Grace Summanen          Budget: $10675       Title: Demystify Art      Project Description: Family friendly group to learn about the new insurgence of arts on Waterloo
  • Artist: Jessica Pinsky             Budget: $10000        Title: Peace Flags      Project Description: Residents will create “peace flags” that will be hung at vacant houses and lots
  • Artist: Dairoll Medrano            Budget: $15000        Title: Umbrella Studio & Gallery     Project Description: Hub for artists to collaborate and network in vacant Waterloo storefront
  • Artist: Michael Hudecek        Budget: $12500         Title: Craft Up Collinwood      Project Description: 8 Upcycle installations to be installed throughout the neighborhood
  • Artist: Seth Beattie               Budget: $14000         Title: A Better Fit       Project Description: Engage fitness instructors to develop routines that can occur to improve vacant lots

Youth Engagement

  • Artist: Coyan Smith        Budget: $15000          Title: Playwriting and Public Performance      Project Description: 12 week summer theater program for youth aged 14 to 18
  • Artist: Christen DuVernay       Budget: $5150         Title: Activism Through the Arts        Project Description: High school students use the arts for social change
  • Artist: Carla Carter-Lovejoy         Budget: $15000       Title: Through the Lens          Project Description: Engage 15 students through instruction in photography
  • Artist: David Henninger         Budget: $7345         Title: Textiles & Youth         Project Description: Gender identity and performance through the use of fabric, fiber & garments
  • Artist: Brittainy Quinn        Budget: $15000         Title: The Art of Nature         Project Description: Expand Collinwood Friends Garden through a youth garden club
  • Artist: Danny Carver           Budget: $10700         Title: CSA Mural         Project Description: Cleveland School of Arts will paint mural on outside of 241 East 156th
  • Artist: Ray McNiece          Budget: $7000          Title: Collinwood Lit      Project Description: 8 week series of literary arts workshops culminating in reading and performances
  • Artist: Bill Wade          Budget: $13193       Title: Inlet Dance      Project Description: 8-12 week residency engaging youth in dance-learning and making
  • Artist: Jimmie Woody       Budget: $15000       Title: Seed Folks        Project Description: Youth will develop monologues based on the “Seed Folks” novel
  • Artist: Margaret Craig        Budget: $9250        Title: Neighborhood Arts Ambassadors      Project Description: Youth aged 13 to 16 will use multiple art disciplines to connect residents with Waterloo Arts District
  • Artist: Daniel Gray-Kontar       Budget: $15000       Title: Baldwin House        Project Description: Youth use literary art to promote social justice and environmental literacy
  • Artist: Jerry Schmidt          Budget: $15000       Title: Rail Road Benches        Project Description: Youth apprentices will create benches that will be made of Railroad track, railroad spikes and wooden slates
  • Artist: Cindy Barber        Budget: $14100        Title: Bicycle Rickshaws on Waterloo       Project Description: Youth will be employed to drive artified rickshaws on Waterloo
  • Artist: Bridget Caswell        Budget: $15000       Title: Collinwood Camera Club       Project Description: High schoolers will learn photography to express selves and tell Collinwood story
  • Artist: Anthony Velez       Budget: $15000        Title: BREAK 2 CHANGE      Project Description: Free break dance classes and motivational group discussions
  • Artist: Megan Lee Gargano          Budget: $15000          Title: The Movement Project       Project Description: 3 Dance Programs with workshops
  • Artist: Scott Hudson         Budget: $1500             Title: T-Shirt Printing            Project Description: 8 week open workshop to design and print custom t-shirts
  • Artist: Doug Wood              Budget: $9900        Title: Rock Club         Project Description: Music enrichment for neighborhood elementary school kids
  • Artist: Valerie Salstrom         Budget: $14200        Title: Youth Swing Lessons        Project Description: Weekly swing dance program for youth 8-18