Boch Center

Funding Received: 2013
Boston, MA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
October 19, 2013

Twelve neighborhoods and communities will be part of the inaugural ArtWeek launch from September 27 – October 6.

Pop-up theatre performance . . . authentic Spanish opera . . . a tech jam by geeks with a beat . . . open artist studios (including “naked art”) . . . pianos across the city . . . digital finger painting . . . master classes with baritones . . . story hours with live animals . . . exclusive backstage tours . . . Indian music and dance and rug making  . . . dinners and drinks in inspiring performance spaces . . . . These are just a handful of the creative experiences happening during ArtWeek Boston. The full schedule of offerings is available here  so check it out!

Recent Wins
There have been many wins during the last month, but here are the top three:

The Fall Schedule of ArtWeek Events has been finalized! It represents 12 neighborhoods/communities, 41 event partners, and over 50 events of which 50% are free!  This is a very big win for ArtWeek and bodes well for its future growth. ArtWeek partners and event hosts have become champions in their communities; we are already receiving inquiries from individuals and groups who want to be part of Spring ArtWeek in 2014!

We welcomed three leading media partners who are generously supporting ArtWeek during its launch year with major television, radio, print, promotional, and online support. They’ve already helped us create PSAs, run full-page ads, and develop exciting promotions. Some will be attending and reporting on-site from ArtWeek events, and we’ve just taped features for two popular television shows! In addition, we’ve added four more partners from various industries who are supporting ArtWeek as it grows and expands. We also have interest from others who are eager to be part of the ArtWeek movement. All are committed to highlighting places and partnerships that are fueled by art and creative experiences.

We’ve launched a new website at Thanks to a young, talented, dedicated, and creatively inspired team (Travis, Sam, Jamie, Kyle, and others – BRAVO!), the ArtWeek Boston website launched in record time. While we are still tweaking, changing, updating, and editing the web site, we are very excited about how it has come together. Scroll to the bottom of each “event” page where there is a map to help promote accessibility and awareness about individual “creative places.” The maps not only highlighting the location but also highlight how to get there. You can also sort on the homepage by “all locations.” Check it out and let us know what you think.

As we near the launch of ArtWeek Boston, several people have asked, “What exactly is creative placemaking?” To some, the term evoked something akin to a “secret code” among funders, academics, and industry insiders or a reference to an esoteric theory or strategy within the cultural sector. To others, it was a literal reference to a brick-and-mortar building linked to artistic activity. But to many people, it was more simple. It was about creatively inspired connections, community, and/or experiences.

About a year ago (September 2012), the NEA ARTS Magazine tackled this very question in an article by Jason Schupbach on “Defining Creative Placemaking.” It serves as a reminder that there are many interpretations, variations, and examples that define creative placemaking. And it is a reminder that we need to continue to experiment, innovate, and adapt as we collectively define—and redefine—creative placemaking as it evolves.

Want to follow ArtWeek’s progress? Learn more about us here: