Two prestigious members of ArtPlace’s operations committee – Dennis Scholl, vice president of art for the Knight Foundation, and Darren Walker, vice president of education, creativity and free expression at the Ford Foundation – joined author Richard Florida and chairman of the NEA Rocco Landesman for a discussion at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival.

The panel was titled “Making Cities Sing” – which Darren Walker wanted to clarify from the start.

“First, I think it is important to recognize that cities throughout time have sang. So the fact that we’re talking about how to make cities sing – cities have organically, authentically sang without intervention from the Ford Foundation. What we are now thinking about is, ‘How do we channel and support the local authentic leadership… I don’t want us to misinterpret or to give the impression that there is a top-down way for cities to sing. I think our role is to help lift up those voices of citizens who have great ideas but need policies or infrastructure to support those ideas.”

Watch the video for more great insights:

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