A museum under Light Brigade occupation.

The Light Brigade

Anchorage, AK
Capitalism Works for Me! True/False, Steve Lambert. Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Times Square Transformation

New York, NY
Tattfoo Tan, future McColl Center for Visual Art Environmental Artist-in-Residence sharing ideas and possibilities at Harvest Moon Grille at the Dunhill Hotel with Owner and Chef, Cassie Parsons.
AUGUST 28, 2013

Arts & Ecology Community Campus at Brightwalk

Charlotte, NC
DJ Gary Bedell performs amidst paintings by Houston Hands and the mysterious Mr. K.
AUGUST 23, 2013


Springfield, MO
A packed house at Junction Box for The Forum: of Rabbits and Hares. Photo by Michelle Christiance.
AUGUST 12, 2013

Junction Box – 1075 Park Avenue West

Denver, CO
June 15 – Environmental Artist-in-Residence Jeff Schmuki shares a “plantbot”, a satiric interpretation of the possible evolution of plant species through modern agricultural practices, secured in a critter carrier to a group of onlookers. Photo credit:  Phillip C. Hoffman
AUGUST 10, 2013

Arts & Ecology Community Campus at Brightwalk

Charlotte, NC
AKA Fathers/Sons ensemble at Bedlam Lowertown. Photo by Farrington Starnes.
AUGUST 6, 2013

Bedlam Lowertown: Arrivals and Departures

Saint Paul, MN
071513_Phila2035 logo
AUGUST 1, 2013

Destination Frankford

Philadelphia, PA
JULY 27, 2013

Broadway Cultural Corridor

Los Angeles, CA
West Wisconsin Ave, Image via Sean Ryan, BizJournal
JULY 26, 2013

Creational Trails

Milwaukee, WI
New York City Waterfront taken from the East River. Photo: Willy Wong
JULY 25, 2013


New York, NY
Silent Lights – Light Box. Photo credits: Valeria Bianco
JULY 23, 2013

Silent Lights

New York, NY
JULY 18, 2013

Innovative Urban Play Space Competition

Washington, DC
JULY 16, 2013

CreateHereNow CT

20+ Communities, CT
Zero waste steel panels documenting the first production run of the M+ Modern Plus Collection of tables, to be installed in downtown Sanford NC to be entry markers to a greenway, multi-use festival/market space, and parking area.
JULY 11, 2013

Art-Force Program

Greenville, Sanford & Siler City, NC
JUNE 28, 2013

Creational Trails

Milwaukee, WI
Intermedia Arts Executive Director, Theresa Sweetland, welcomes Creative CityMaking artists and partners as well as other community members to the Creative CityMaking celebratory launch reception this Winter. This reception was paired with a media launch including other Minneapolis-based ArtPlace grantees last Fall. Both events helped foster excitement, awareness, and support for all regional ArtPlace projects.
JUNE 19, 2013

Creative CityMaking

Minneapolis, MN
FEBRUARY 6, 2013

Food Chain

Sauk County, WI
DECEMBER 23, 2012

The Hunger Cycle

Los Angeles, CA
NOVEMBER 6, 2012

Illuminating Downtown

San Jose, CA
OCTOBER 31, 2012

The Hunger Cycle

Los Angeles, CA
OCTOBER 3, 2012

The Hunger Cycle

Los Angeles, CA
AUGUST 24, 2012

The Hunger Cycle

Los Angeles, CA
JULY 25, 2012

The Hunger Cycle

Los Angeles, CA
JULY 6, 2012

Art & Ag Project

Yolo County
JUNE 15, 2012

Farm/Art Dtour

Sauk County
VOL 4, NO. 14: APR 20, 2012

Creative Work Fund

San Francisco, CA
VOL 4, NO. 2: APR 4, 2012


Detroit, MI
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